Mexican Art and Creativity

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Lupana Gonzalez developed a passion for art that led her to produce, through original and exclusive designs of jewelry, true works of art. Inspired by her love for nature, spiritual beliefs, and different cultures, Lupana's creations are unique and unrepeatable, as the people who wear them. Hearts and crosses are the real landmarks of LUMA collections, produced in ceramics, brass and natural elements such as semi-precious stones, pearls, and corals, combined with leather and silk, which result in the accurate selection of the most beautiful and unique pieces.

Semiprecious stones

Among the wonders that nature offers us, the world of minerals is certainly one of the most fascinating, magical world inhabited by thousands of species, harmonious synthesis of form and color. Since the most remote antiquity such stones have aroused the interest of the man who, in addition to appreciate them for their beauty, conferred to them magical powers. Some of the countless legends and ancient superstitions that surrounded for a very long time the stones came up to the present day. Ornamental stones-also called "hard" or "semi-precious"-are almost always opaque or translucent and include many varieties of quartz, chalcedony, jasper, feldspar and rodonite, etc. Among the most famous is the Amethyst, Agate, Carnelian, Jade, Malachite, Adularia (Moonstone), Tiger eye, Obsidian, Tourmaline, Turquoise.

Pearls and Corals

The Pearl, perhaps the most popular gem ever, is the best representation of female elegance and always includes a special magic within, the magic of nature... a grain of sand that accidentally gets into a shell where the secretions of the mollusk, in time, wrap it with layers of nacre, creating the precious sphere. The freshwater pearls in the collections LUMA, well known as River pearls, are cultivation pearls that offer an excellent quality of nacre. They're often found with irregular shape and fanciful colors, fitting perfectly with their style.
For its magnificent quality, unique in the world, the coral has always been considered a powerful amulet, lucky charms and healing tool. Just as pearls, corals are also a magical product of nature that seems to have met the shapes and characteristics of the three kingdoms, mineral, vegetable and animal. LUMA production includes a particular variety of coral found only in the most pristine seas. Very similar to traditional coral, LUMA presents a dense and compact structure with colours ranging from white to pale pink, to dark red.


The ceramic elements by LUMA are characterized by soft tones yet vibrant lighting, inspired by the colors of nature: the agave green, yellow and orange of the desert, turquoise and blue that mark the melting point between sky and sea.
Refined color combinations feature a dedicated and exclusive production, still achieved by traditional craft process, enamel decoration, executed entirely by hand until the final baking in the oven. Each piece represents the most exclusive and attractive element that can be achieved with ceramic color effects of exceptional beauty.

Leather and Brass

The leather and brass are fundamental elements in the LUMA creations. The skin is characterized by a natural softness and elasticity, enhanced by a wise and accurate processing. The drawing is not perfect homogeneity, wrinkles and signs are the feature which certifies both the goodness of natural leather, the procedure of tanning and processing. The perceived warmth and softness to the touch is a unique experience for anyone who wears accessories LUMA.
The brass castings derived from original and exclusive models are cleverly worked taking care of the smallest details in various stages. The use of chisel art transforms raw fusion in a highly refined product.

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